Lorinda Hawkins Smith: “Love Pandemic”

Love Pandemic

Let Love be the pandemic.
Instead of Corona and Covid 19, let’s get infected with that Love machine.
Let that bug course through your veins, envelop your lungs, inhabit all your thoughts.
Let Love be the answer to hate and violence and chaos.
Let Love be the kiss of death to all greed, lack and injustice.
Let Love be the pandemic.
Let the Love lockdown begin.
Bug of Love, wipe out all fear. With just one sneeze, you can wipe away every tear.
Let Love be the revival. Reviving every dead dry bone and stony heart. Can these dry bones live?
With one cough, more than a throat is cleared. And The Virus of Love is spread.
Relationships restored, reconciliation on every shore. Lives made whole, bellies made full. Shelter, Refuge no one left out in the cold.
Let Love be the drug of choice. A very addictive drug with no rehabilitation necessary. Because sharing is caring. Let empathy amplify apathy and apathy would lose its breath. Bringing it to its knees. Letting out one last wheeze.
Let Love silence the violence. Revival of light, love and life. Your neighbor is your brother. Your coworker, your sister. Your server, your mother. Your driver, your father. I am you. You are me. I see me when I see you. I love you like I love me. And that Love would be free.
Let Love be the weapon of choice. And that Love would lift up every voice.
Let it be terminal. Death by Love. Love is in need of Love today. No use for abuse. No time for crime. Planting the seeds of Love to reap a harvest. Love as far as the eye can see. Love for days. Love for stays. Love for plays. Love rules the Day and night time too. It’s in your bones.
It’s what’s in YOUR wallet.
There would be no cure.
Let Love be the pandemic.
Love communes. Love cohorts. Love villages. Love communities. May I borrow a cup of Love? Sure! I’ve got plenty to spare. My cupboards aren’t bare. They’re overflowing with the stuff. You can’t escape it. You’ll die trying. And that’s the sacrifice. Love is not without sacrifice. No greater Love than a man lay down his life for a friend.
Let Love be the pandemic.

Love Pandemic


(Featured image from PxHere)

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