Low THC: The Next Big Trend in the Cannabis Industry

The news of CBD’s beneficial properties has been circulating around the world for a fairly long time. With an increase in awareness amongst people, there is also an increase in the willingness to try CBD products. Since ancient times, CBD is well known to have healing powers, and recently, more people are leaning towards natural remedies to treat their health issues. According to the latest research, combined with its therapeutic ability, CBD has become an excellent source for curing medicinal and health problems.

What is a CBD flower?

CBD is the dried bud of the hemp plant and is sometimes referred to as a “hemp bud.” The popular hemp plant is laden with numerous compounds bursting with infinite benefits. CBD flower can unlock the true potential of a cannabinoid to its maximum capacity. Contrary to THC, CBD flower is non-psychoactive, as it does not have an intoxicating effect on people. On the contrary, it provides relief from pain without a hallucinating effect. The CBD flower has been transformed into many innovative products like creams, tinctures, and oils.

What is Low THC Cannabis?

For many decades, THC was also known as “floral hemp”, and had ruled the world as the most popular cannabinoid. But with the discovery of other forms of cannabinoid, THC’s popularity and utilization have taken a dip. Lately, CBD has taken the throne for the most widely searched cannabinoid. Low THC products are extracted from the hemp plant and contain 0.8% or less THC and more than 10% of CBD. There are two types of THC; high and low. Low THC is easier to produce and can be grown anywhere. A high THC strain is said to be intense and causes people to become more paranoid. Therefore, low THC products are widely prevalent and are available worldwide.

Popular low THC strains

  1. Fast Eddy – a popular Indica-dominant strain containing a high concentration of CBD and low concentration of THC. It is an ideal strain to heal everyday pains.
  2. Euphoria – a heavy Indica-dominant drug containing 9% of THC and high levels of CBD. It produces a state of happiness and joy.
  3. Painkiller XL – an all-rounder that provides relief to everyone.
  4. Easy Bud – contains a perfect balance of CBD and THC, but it is best for sleeping
  5. Special Kush #1 – one of the legendary strains that contain a higher amount of THC.

Why is a combination of CBD flower and low THC Cannabis popular?

The popularity of CBD has skyrocketed because of its numerous benefits, and many people are now seeking to replace regular pharmaceutical drugs with it. Strains containing high levels of CBD and low levels of THC are a great way to heal body pains. CBD flowers are rich in CBD content and low in THC. In the combination of the CBD flower and THC, CBD cancels out THC’s psychoactive effect. According to recent research, a strain with a ratio of 1:1 of both compounds is optimal for use. The hemp plant contains other cannabinoids such as terpenes, which boosts its effects.

Photo by Avery Meeker on Unsplash

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