Lucia Jacobs on the Groundbreaking Sarah Blaffer Hrdy

Our storyteller this round is Dr. Lucia Jacobs (UC Berkeley neuroscientist) whose work on animal consciousness and olfaction is as deep and true as her work as a writer of plays and a creator of miniature theatrical spectacles. She’s a force, and it’s no surprise her astonishing woman — Sarah Blaffer Hrdy — is a mind-blower.

You’ve heard of Darwin but have you heard of Sarah Blaffer Hrdy? She’s an anthropologist who proved that  females —  like males —  are competitive, independent, and sexually assertive beings. Oh yeah, and they don’t just mate to reproduce — they can actually enjoy sex. (Shocking!) Hrdy’s findings were groundbreaking not just for scientists, but for feminists too. In this video, Lucia recounts the incredible untold story of disrupter Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, the biologist our textbooks should have included.

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