As we close a year full of unexpected and (dare I say it) catastrophic events and losses – both of brilliant artists and elections – I think we are all taking stock, wondering what we can do to have our voices heard and effect positive change. Its difficult to know how to go forward when basic human rights and the well being of the planet, amongst many other things are at stake.

Jain in her music video "Makeba"
Jain in her music video “Makeba”

Without too much wordiness I wanted to simply offer up Makeba, a wonderful music video by the recording artist Jain, in which even the buildings and telephone wires are dancing. Directed by Greg et Lio with production by ART BRIDGE, Makeba is full of youthful positivity, wonderful dance and movement, and moments of sheer joy.

And a quote from the lyrics says it all:

“I want to see you sing, I want to see you fight, because you are the real beauty of human right.”

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season full of hope, optimism, beauty, renewed creativity, and a fighting spirit.


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