MATRIARCH: “She’s Wide Awake Shining Light

The Roots and Wings Project Founder/Creative Director Jesse Bliss and the California Arts Council Cultural Pathways Grant present MATRIARCH, a transformative theatre experience that demands justice for women. MATRIACH is an unorthodox and intersectional exploration of the roles women play in a patriarchal society and the urgent need to transform the dynamic.

In a time where patriarchy continues to oppress matriarchal roles through all color lines, this powerful work, by female artists and their allies, speaks to the critical call for women in our society to be honored and respected. Some of Los Angeles’ most prominent writers and performers unite to bring you a night that will empower, provoke and uplift your spirit.

This all-star line up is complete with theatre legends and literary giants including Obie Award winner Diane Rodriguez, ALMA Award winner Rose Portillo, Patricia Zamorano, Jesse Bliss, Roger Q. Mason, Ramy El-Treby, Alex Alpharoh, Sigrid Gilmer, Tamar Halpern, and Hillaria Larriva. This riveting theatrical work also includes vocalists, poets and dancers Ebony Ann Blaze and Sheila Govindarajan, Laura Davila, and Nicole Martin, plus an art installation by artists Alfie Numeric and Mer Young. The evening is directed by Jesse Bliss.

The Roots and Wings Project is a politically charged, socially transformative, project-based theatre company that brings attention to truth and provides stage and space for stories of the unnamed, unspoken and misunderstood.

Show Times and Days:
February 15-March 10
Fridays 8 PM,
Saturdays 8 PM
Sundays 5 PM

Location: 2009 East First Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Cost: $20

For tickets and more info:

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