Mbah Michael: “Reformation”


Nee-naw nee-naw nee-naw.
At the beginning was a sound of peace.
A sound that brought panicked hearts to ease.
A sound that sets a robber’s heart ablaze.

Their black has always connote friendship to me
And their guns has always served as my protective
They once weilds the power to protect my properties
They were once a threat only to my uninvited night guests.

I have been fully drunk with thoughts that they love me
But unknown to me that they loved the poverty soaring round me
I have been daydreaming that they pledged their loyalty to me
But unknown to me that their allegiance belongs to their maker.

Now they beat me, like a shepard beating his sheep
They even shoot me even with my protective
And now their black scares me, connoting danger to my treasures
Their existence is my extinction.

And from now, I banish you
For I made your maker who made you.

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