Melanie Ortiz Ayala: “Hate”


Reality can be such a jerk.
You want what you can’t have.
You don’t always get what you deserve.
It’s all like a game.
All about the worth.
If you don’t got the fame, why go forth?

When your lost and alone, no one will care.
Even if you have helped through their pain.
They think you did nothing at all.
Blaming you for not helping them enough.
This world is full of hate.

Whatever happened to being fair?
One day we shall wake up
to find it is too late.
To fix the damages
we have done.
We won’t succeed.
We all will end up on our knees.
If we don’t got the greed.
We shall never succeed.
We will never survive.

Our world is full
of judgement.
We’ve got no souls,
We’ve got no lives.
We’ve been taken.
Its ourselves to blame.
The media is too much.
Full of shame.
We have become blind,
to the evil disguise.

The stars in the sky are no more.
Hate fills up inside.
Hate’s a mask to cover up.
To cover up our feelings,
Feelings we no longer express.
Making jokes about our races.
But inside we are all the same,
But in a world so cold, we cover up.

Too many people are hiding.
The end will be here soon.
It will be too late,
to change such awful times.
So let’s change our tunes,
Of a world full of hate.

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