Melissa Center is…Marrying Jake Gyllenhaal

Artists make Art — especially now.

We’re especially proud to share this Crowdfund of the Week, because it is fun, funny, and all about the persistence of theatre and theatre-makers.

Actor and playwright Melissa Center tells the story (hilariously) on the project’s Seed&Spark page. Her play got audience raves, was pointed toward the Edinburgh Festival, and then, in her words:

“The world was opening up to me until it wasn’t. Edinburgh cancelled, and theaters went dark. Now I couldn’t perform my show as intended, nor have any idea when I’d be able to perform live again.

“Thankfully I have a brilliant team, who believes in this play, and believes in me. I’ll give full credit to my incredible Producer Jordan Ancel, who came up with the idea to livestream the play. This would fulfill both my need to re-connect with live performance AND fulfill a gaping hole in the hearts of theatre lovers across the world. He also suggested that in moving forward with this project, we’d be able to inspire fellow artists to keep creating, and to never give up – no matter what life throws at you.”

So… let’s throw some love and money their way. Please visit, watch their video, discover more, and help make it happen!

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