Mendes Biondo: Two Poems

Dining with Carmen Calavera


the last ones
the lost ones
those who have nothing more to save
just a last word of love to give
I fell in love with them all
carmen calavera
mrs. death told me once
they kissed me with such strength
they danced with me till the end
I can’t forget those eyes

she smiled to me
I felt sick
I told her I wanted to spank her ass on my last moment
no feelings
no commitment
just me spanking mrs. death’s ass

you are the funny one
she said
I have no mercy with those like you
but you make me feel the blood running into veins
you make me feel alive
and it’s strange considering who I am

I cheered
after dinner I followed her steps till she reached her black Cadillac

soon my boy

I smiled
she smiled
another day on this shitty place


The Rope Is Just A Pendulum


gringo was waiting for the sun
it was twilight out of his room
johnny cash was singing his blues
a piece about a man in Reno
who killed a brother made of meat

gringo was a free man but he had bars at the windows
people said him they are necessary for prevent
the rape of life

gringo was a free man but he had cameras
watching people moving here and there from his flat
they said it’s to be sure nothing bad would happen

his neighbors has statues of mussolini and hitler in their houses
they go round and round to control and prevent
with military suits and a torch in their hands

gringo was a free man
but he understood folsom prison dudes crying and screaming
when johnny sung
25 minutes to go

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