Michael Angel Samaniego: “I to You”

I to You

I, have never told my own story
I, come from a mixture of families
I, have never seen my parents
in the same room before
I, wish
I, regret
I, wonder

I enjoy my traditional Mexican food
I am different
I, think and think and think
I, never relax my mind
I am third to my dad but second to my mom
I wonder why others fear to express emotions
I live in many different cities
I have seen the bad in people and little good
I analyze every little thing
I, stress
I, get tired
I, feel like quitting too

I am similar to you
I understand why the world sucks
I know why you want to be cool
I know why hunters shoot ducks
I know why skaters enjoy
dropping into pools
I know why you should stop
and smell the flowers
I know why our cities
have so many towers
I don’t love objects
I love people
I have mental projects
I Hate Evil

Sometimes I wonder
Other times I know,
The earth is so hot,
But life feels so cold,
AC on and the fan spinning,
But anger keeps your head hot and yours ears are ringing,
Window closed and earphones are on,
But you still hear your problems and sirens roaring on,
Lights off and your quick to bed,
Your body is relaxed but your tense in your head,
Nightmares and dreams fill your mind,
But You choose to stay awake
although sleep will pass the time,
Afraid of what will come to your mind,
Yet curious of the things you’ll come to find,
Love, hate, anger and more,
But you still don’t go for
the wide open door,
Notice how now you think
of your own life,
Even though it started
with me
as I.

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