Michelle Hemer: “Mixed Feelings”

Mixed Feelings

I thought I want affection
A real sense of emotional connection
Alliterating through thoughts of perfection
Sharing the same exact complexion
Intuitively dazed and confused
Never did I want to be accused
The feeling of wanting to be amused,
Used and abused
I’m so bored of this, you’re excused
Did you really want to be a part of my muse?

Or was it just the groove?
Was it the necessity to feel improved?
Or should I ask of you to be removed?
Detached and deranged
I never wanted to complain
Sometimes I like to be insane,
Strange and looking for some change
Shot at like if I’m in a range
Undecided if whether I’m okay
Or if you’re just looking to make me pay
The sky is always looking so grey
But why can’t we just meet by the bay?

What are you looking for?