Mixed-Media Artist Mish Lets the Dogs Out

Artist Mish is the illustrator for the new kids’ book by writer John Yamrus, Phoebe and Ito are dogs (Epic Rites Press 2019).Phoebe & Ito are dogs COVER

Phoebe and Ito are dogs is a timeless story for kids and dog lovers of all ages that conveys a powerful message about being yourself and living up to your full potential. Phoebe and Ito are cocker Spaniels, sister and brother. Phoebe, the Alpha dog, thinks she is a princess, not a dog, until a crisis teaches her the benefits of  embracing her true doggy self.

The book has over 60 full color illustrations. Most of the pictures in the book show the two canine protagonists in action. Using her own photographs and sketches as a basis, Mish created these illustrations using Photoshop. The author of the book, well-known poet/memoirist John Yamrus, collaborated with her so that the illustrations mesh with and enhance the story.

These illustrations aren’t Mish’s only dog art. For example, this year Mish had a successful solo art show of “all-dog” pictures and has more all-dog shows lined up. She also does commissioned, one-of-a-kind dog portraits.

Pages from Phoebe and Ito are dogs:pages from Phoebe & Ito

Pictures from Mish’s all-dog art show:Feature dog pictures part 1Feature dog part 2-2

Contact Mish: http://mishmurphy@aol.comYork & Mish

Mish on Instagram: mishmurphy7445

Mish on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mishmurphy53

Purchase Phoebe and Ito are dogshttp://www.lulu.com/shop/john-yamrus/phoebe-and-ito-are-dogs/paperback/product-24183658

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