Molly Brownstein Ranks the Top NFL Podcasts of 2020

Podcasts are all the rage these days. Instead of reading the newspaper or being glued to the phone screen, many people prefer to listen to a podcast during their commute. They just plug their headphones and listen to pundits sharing their wisdom and experience in every field imaginable. This includes the NFL as well. Experts analyze every game, every player, and every statistic imaginable.

One of the NFL’s biggest fans who can’t get enough of NFL or podcasts is Molly Brownstein. A resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Molly has been a lifelong Eagles and Flyers fan. She has been dedicating much of her free time to enjoying the excitement of the NHL and NFL franchises whenever she can. As a fan of podcasts in particular, she lists the top NFL podcasts of 2020 that she enjoys.

The Athletic Football Show

Molly Brownstein explains that the main reason this podcast is on the list is that one of the hosts is Robert Mays. Few people in the field know their game the way Robert Mays does. His knowledge and passion for the game are only equaled by his sense of humor. He brings a lot to this podcast and makes it a must-listen for anyone passionate about football.

Other hosts including Sheil Kapadia and Lindsay Jones display their analytical prowess and dive deep into every game. Their guests are no less knowledgeable or well-connected either. So overall, each episode is packed with projections, nuggets of wisdom, and deep analysis.

The Around the NFL Podcast

This podcast has been growing steadily in popularity since it started out as a short segment called “The ATN Debate Club” which was featured at the end of episodes of the NFL Network’s Dave Dameshek Football Program. These days, the Around the NFL “Heroes”, Dan Handzus, Marc Sessler, Chris Wesseling and Gregg Rosenthal can be heard three times a week during the NFL season. Each episode features excellent insight into NFL games and storylines, with a dash of mirth to brighten listener’s days. The four hosts of this podcast are veteran NFL writers whose sincere love of all things football has helped them create one of the most popular NFL podcasts which is known around the world. From London to Sydney, Toronto to Tallinn, the Heroes of the Around the NFL Podcast have helped bring the fun and excitement of NFL action to fans all over the world.

This podcast also continues with shows in the NFL off season as well, so fans can continue to get their fix of football talk on a weekly basis while waiting for next season to kick off.

The Bill Barnwell Show

When looking for a podcast about the NFL, who better to seek knowledge and information better than someone who has spent the best part of their life in the game? Bill Barnwell has a show on ESPN and he has decided to start a podcast to complement his work on the network as well. The way Molly Brownstein sees it, this is what makes this podcast stand out.

It’s not just that Barnwell gets a lot of excellent guests since he works at ESPN. The way the podcast unravels makes it easy to follow without the distraction that comes with having too many guests talking over each other. Barnwell also knows how to connect with each guest and bring the best out of them.

The Action Network Podcast

Some NFL podcasts are for fun, while others are data and analysis oriented. And then there’s the Action Network Podcast. Hosted by people who know their game well, this podcast mixes the funny with the analytical with a dash of wisdom mixed in for a good measure.

According to Molly Brownstein, this is one of the most entertaining yet informative podcasts in her opinion. There’s also a little about fantasy NFL with odds and ceilings and floors. One can expect a lot of disagreements as well from the hosts, who each share their own insights into the game. But overall, there’s a sense of joviality in the air that takes the edge off the arguments and renders the podcast enjoyable for anyone with an interest in NFL games.

ESPN Fantasy Focus Football

ESPN Fantasy Focus Football, a fun podcast hosted by Matthew Berry, follows the same entertaining format of Berry’s articles. He usually prefers to focus on the entertaining aspect of NFL games more than the data aspects. This is what’s special about this podcast, according to Molly Brownstein. It’s mostly geared toward fans of the game who don’t like too much analysis or see the game as sheer talent, not a mathematical equation.

Berry’s banter is endearing and even when he leaves the NFL altogether and talks about something else, the podcast is still entertaining. For people looking for insights and projections, this is not the ideal podcast to listen to.

In This League Fantasy Football

This is another podcast about fantasy football that puts the banter over the number-crunching tools and cold statistics. The rapport between the hosts is evident and it’s what gives the podcast its appeal. For the most part, they come across as a few buddies sitting around and discussing fantasy football. The lack of insights is obvious as well as any serious discussion about projections or tips. But not all podcasts are meant to inform or make the listener an expert in fantasy football. This one is more about camaraderie and the lighter side of football.

Harris Fantasy Football Podcast

Christopher Harris is a well-known name in ESPN. His contributions throughout the years have made him a favorite among NFL fans, no matter what team they root for. Molly Brownstein considers Harris an authority for the simple fact that he does his research himself and his encyclopedic knowledge of each team is legendary.

Harris brings all that knowledge to the podcast format. His projections are mostly based on his own research, not software tools that others use all the time. The only drawback about this podcast is that Harris tends to promote his other work a lot. Most of that work is only available for paid subscriptions, though. But overall, this is a solid podcast for people who take fantasy football seriously and look for deep insights from a guy who knows the game inside out.

Molly Brownstein is a life-long Philly sports fan. When she is not cheering on her Eagles or Flyers, Molly works with local small businesses to help them manage their social media presence. These days Molly runs social media for a local Philadelphia business called Nuts to You, a popular gourmet chocolate and candy shop with locations all over the city.

Photo by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash

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