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Every stoner ever heard about sativa vs. indica myth, according to which sativas get you high, and indicas bring you low. And though that might’ve been the case in the past, modern strains suffered a lot of interbreeding, which reduced any differences in potency and effects.

Modern plants, whatever their strain might be, provide similar effects. But their potency depends exclusively on their THC levels, and higher the THC, more potent the plant. Higher potency has always been a grower’s dream, and anything with THC levels above 20% is considered highly potent.

Plants with higher levels of THC provide more significant psychoactive effects, but in turn, leave more metabolites running through your body. Higher levels of drug metabolites require more time to process and expel, making them detectable in urine for extended periods. This means that you’re more likely to test positive on a urine drug test.

Still, that shouldn’t keep you from smoking a joint and enjoying its beneficial and relaxing effects. Higher THC levels do stay longer in your body, but if you smoke responsibly, you shouldn’t have any issues. The only thing you might experience is the magical, mellowing sensation a highly potent plant provides.

The list

We compiled a list of the most potent weed strains for your enjoyment only. Most of these plants offer THC levels higher than 20%, with some of them reaching 30% and above.

Godfather OG

According to many, this herb wears a title of the most potent strain in the world, measuring a minimum of 25% THC. However, in the right conditions, THC levels can easily reach 34%, which is why this plant isn’t recommended to beginners.

Due to its sedative effects, the OG is highly revered in the medical marijuana community, as it helps with pain and stress relief. Be careful when smoking this plant, as consuming too much has enough potency to immobilize you.

But when appropriately dosed, it will make you feel light, and provide you with one of the most incredible and relaxing highs you’ve ever experienced.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is a cross-strain of several sativa plants, containing over 21% THC. Well-deserving of its name, this thought-provoking strain will make you feel happy, upbeat, and giggly. The high this plant provides acts quickly, altering your perceptions and heightening your attention to external stimuli, like sounds and visuals.

Besides its mood-altering properties, Buddha has mending effects on the mind, providing relief from stress, depression, anxiety, and fatigue. It’s an excellent option for those with low THC tolerance, and those seeking a middle-ranged sativa plant.

Strawberry Banana

Developed by breeders from DNA Genetics, in collaboration with Serious Seeds, this strain features between 17 and 23% THC. Some people reported measurements of up to 32% THC content, giver the right conditions.

The strain provides a slower-acting high, sharpened sensory perception, followed by a delayed, powerful relaxation. These delayed sedative effects make Strawberry Banana most suited for evenings and nights. Thanks to its late sedative effects, this weed is highly recommended to those suffering from anxiety, depression, and pain.

Memory Loss

A fitting name for this herb, as it boasts 18% of THC, which may go up to fantastic, memory-impairing 28%. The high is so fast-acting, you’ll be fluffed up before you even stopped coughing.

Memory Loss is capable of providing some intense mental effects, and medical benefits, as it can uplift the mood. It also provides pain relief and some anti-inflammatory effects. However, it may lead to some repetitive thinking, making it unsuitable for panic and anxiety-prone users.

White Tahoe Cookies

White Tahoe Cookies is an indica-dominant plant, with a minimum of 23%, and a maximum of 30% THC, though the usual levels sit at about 27%. If you’re looking to cure stale ideas, and cure them fast, this bud is a perfect choice.

The effects take place within minutes, shifting your mind towards creativity, filling it with great ideas. As it does, the physical effects will leave you relaxed and euphoric. Some users even reported feeling aroused. However, after a while, the effects turn to sedative, making you unfocused and sleepy, which is why this strain is perfect for those with sleeping issues.


The strains mentioned in this article are some of the strongest, most potent herbs that will unquestionably challenge your tolerance, or alleviate specific medical symptoms.

Keep in mind that too much THC may incur unpleasant side effects. This is why we strongly advise less experienced weed enthusiasts to take things slow with some of the strains mentioned in this article.

Image: unsplash-logoRick Proctor

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