Movies with Great Interior Design

What comes to your mind any time you are about seeing a movie, especially at the cinema? While others may be lost in thought with the aroma of the popcorn or the entertainment, you as an interior lover tend to think of the furniture, the decadent spaces, and home décor that are used in the movies. Good designs help to amplify a movie setting and its message.

Movies are a great source of inspiration for your interior decorating efforts. Are you so used to the interiors of your room that you seek new design ideas that can evoke feelings of awe? Or you want to explore the world of design that features 19th to 21st century décor? You should consider the following movies to binge on inspiring interior ideas.

The Hangover Part III (2009)

In The Hangover, Part III, directed by Todd Phillips, a heavily-guarded penthouse suite at Caesars Palace gets discovered. The suite is inhabited by Chow, a sociopathic Asian gangster. Caesars Palace, one of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas, was constructed in 1966 and had undergone different renovations.

However, the movie adopts a pseudonym, “The Villa” to describe the suite occupied by Chow. In the real sense, the suite is not available at Caesars Palace. The room, which was designed and created on Stage 15 at Warner Bros. Studios, was inspired by The Forum Tower Emperor’s Suite. The fact that they don’t want to damage the hotel’s property as well as the law that forbids tigers into hotel rooms contributes to the creation of the new set.

During his free time, the movie’s star could be seen engaging in gambling. Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms are playing blackjack at a $25 table in Caesars Palace. It’s no longer a surprise that great movies are made in spectacular casinos across the globe nowadays. You too can experience this great casino without needing to physically go there; all you need to do is to make an exploration of the comprehensive reviews of casino sites made by Online Betting Guide.

Rain Man (1988)

Beyond winning four Oscars, the movie shines a Hollywood spotlight on specific locations with outstanding designs. For instance, the bank scene which was shot inside the Dixie Terminal Building was staged in the lobby area as there were no banks building at the time the movie was set. You can see the flower vase with a life plant placed close to a glass wall. Wallbrook, the home where Charlie locates Brother Raymond, appears a bit religious, with statues of the virgin over the walls. This is because the institution, that is Wallbrook, is the Sisters of Divine Providence’s 1919 St. Anne’s Convent, situated a few miles away from the Ohio River from Newport.

Apart from this, sanatorium scenes were shot at the Wattles Mansion. The interiors are reminiscent of a particular era and tradition. The foyer’s black-and-white-checkerboard marble floor, hardwood moldings, wood-beamed ceilings, white stucco walls, and hardwood floors with Oriental carpets found throughout the mansion reflect the reference of Hollywood as the wintering home for wealthy Easterners and Midwesterners. In the library, the hand-painted ceiling and intricately-carved walnut bookcases help to add to the agricultural nature of the community.

Midnight in Paris (2011)

Just like The Great Gatsby, this movie also adopts the 1920s vintage Parisian and modern Parisian design principles. Each half of the movie employs each of the design principles. One of the main themes of the modern Parisian interior design is the historical elements that combine the past and the present. Dark woods, heavy fabrics, a big marble fireplace, and golden brown walls all reflect the look of a specific period.

The designs are exemplified in Gertrude Stein’s home – a shelf full of antique books, a set of cigarette holders on the reading table, the use of Picasso’s painting, typical chandeliers and hanging lamps, among others. Similarly, Gil and his fiancée, Inez, stroll around some iconic architectural pieces in Paris while on vacation. The modern aspect of the Parisian design is reflected in the use of lush leather, glossed wood, bold stone, and lamps on almost every surface. All of these add up to the home’s character.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

Though based on F Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel written in 1925, the movie is popular for its ostentatious and lavish production for which Baz Luhrmann is famed. In fact, it reflects the design trends of the period. You would remember that divergent design philosophies were birthed in the 1920s. This was the period when the Bauhaus designers embraced minimalism with clean lines, industrial materials, and a black-and-white-only color scheme.

To this end, the movie depicts the story of an enigmatic millionaire, Jay Gatsby, who is so obsessed with a gorgeous and extravagant lifestyle. This is expressed in his great mansion and its interiors – a gold-ceilinged ballroom, the sweeping staircase, and his double-height dressing room. Apart from Gatsby’s mansion, Daisy Buchanan’s sitting room also reflects the archetypal girl’s living space.

American Psycho (2000)

American Psycho reflects the architecture and styles of design of the ’80s. Though a murdering psychopath, Patrick Bateman’s ultra-luxe crib with monochromatic interiors is worth admiring. His apartment could be regarded as a spick-and-span bachelor pad. The tall dining placed at the end of his hallway is a luxe Hill House Chair. The Pristine white sofa contrasts perfectly with the black chairs around his living area, thus providing a comfy area for the guests to sit on.

The prism coffee table placed in the middle of his sofa set adopts the modern design with the black geometric frame underneath making it sophisticated. His black kitchen bar stool with a metal finish adds masculinity to his bar. All of these pieces of furniture work in harmony as the apartment also becomes the eventual location where he perpetrated all his acts of bloodlust.


Décor could be fun as it allows you to play with design. For instance, a shelf full of antique old carousel horses can add a bout of fun to your home. The interior designs used in the movies are a great pleasure for lovers of classic and modern designs. Note that some of the interiors used in movies are pure imagination, rather than real locations. Nevertheless, they can spur your interest in being creative with interior décor.

Photo by Vita Vilcina on Unsplash

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