Moving Into a New House? 5 Things to Do When You Move In

Upon the frenzied feeling of settling into a new house and enjoying all the marvelous perks that sensation brings about, there are a few things you ought to complete first. The moving process is generally no plain sailing, and when you finally move your troubles don’t stop just yet. Usually, there are a few maintenance and thorough cleaning tasks to be done until you can rest and put your feet up. Without further ado, here are some of the most essential things that need to be done when you move into a new house.

Designate a doable prioritize list

The very first moment you walk into your new home, you will have an endless list of to-dos. However, no homeowner had the luck to enter a pitch-perfect home without some tedious work, hence the first thing you should do is make a list of priorities. Your list should focus on the most vital things needed to be done to create a home livable and safe. Some of the must-do things include checking the safety parameters, unpacking, cleaning, organizing the layout, renovating, landscaping, etc. Write down each step of the action and item you reckon should be completed throughout the day and start mindfully.

Complete a thorough cleanup

Cleaning the entire premises should be your new step when moving into a new house. The reasons are numerous, and the cleaning process mustn’t be taken lightly, on the contrary, every single corner of the house has to be perfectly taken care of. A wise option would be to call professional cleaners to assist you with your detailed move in cleaning. With expert cleaners by your side, you won’t have to worry about any petite thing being neglected, plus you will have time and energy to focus on unpacking and covering other essentials. 

Living room

Give the walls a fresh hue

Even though you are overwhelmed with unpacking and the move itself, unless the walls have already been painted, your next job is to do exactly that. Painting the walls into your new home will give the home a fresh and elegant vibe, and choosing the wall hue that suits your preferences and fits your interior design will also contribute to making you feel content and overjoyed. Painting the walls is also seen as a form of cleanliness endeavor so it would undoubtedly make your new home look fresh and clean.

Refinish the existing hardwood

Floors play another key feature in home remodeling and if you have moved to a house that has either dated, worn out or just unfinished hardwood flooring, your next task would be to finish the job. Due to constant wear and tear, a hardwood floor can easily lose its lovely flair, and very often you don’t necessarily need to sand the entire floor if it’s not damaged, but rather completely warrant buffing or adding a shiny new lacquer. The moment you refinish the existing hardwood floors, your house will look sparking, warm, and welcome.

Inspect the electrical panel and check other safety features

When moving into a new house, safety is of utmost importance. There are an abundance of ways to perform safety checkups around to house to ensure everything is in order and working perfectly. Among inspecting the gutters for pilled-up debris, and checking all the filters around the house, especially heating and AC filters, probably one of the most vital aspects to look into is the electrical panel. Shot of the power in the whole house and try to locate the electrical panel which is a small gray metal box where you see whether all the breakers are in order. If something looks shady or out of order, call an expert electrician to check the electrical circuit in the house. This merely easy inspection can save you from unwanted electrical breakdowns or something far worse.

Before you start performing any major renovation in your new home to make it truly homey, do the above-mentioned items first and you will be able to enjoy your new home worry-free.


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