Musical Australian paradise: the upcoming music shows at the Crown Hotels

Besides being one of the top entertainment venues in all of Australia, the Crown Hotel is also one of the country’s most famous tourist destinations. The Crown Resorts are known worldwide and continues to impress visitors from around the globe. Why? It attracts some of the best entertainment acts. The complex offers a whole range of venues for shows and exhibitions. What is more, the Crown is the most famous Australian casino, with the biggest selection of different slot games, pokies, and table games. The facility has already earned its status as an iconic resort, complete with a luxurious hotel, as well as a selection of exclusive restaurants or bars. It is simultaneously a place where people can enjoy a top-notch performance and see their favorite artists perform live. This upcoming season, the line up is looking ever so impressive! Here is a list of some of the best shows to look out, especially if you are in Australia.

Doug Parkinson

One of the most famous soul singers and an all-Australian favorite, Doug Parkinson will be honoring the legacy of Van Morrison. Expect the legend to perform all of the classics like “Brown Eyed Girl”, “Bright Side of the Road”, “Moondance” and many, many more. The show is scheduled for 21st February and the musician’s eight-piece band is due to provide appropriate musical accompaniment for the entire show. Needless to say, the performance will be a treat for anyone who enjoys Van Morrison, Doug Parkinson and soul music in general!

John Williamson

A few months down the line, Australia’s beloved music icon will be celebrating his 50 years in the industry. The show will offer a sort of a “rewind”: a subjective look at Williamson’s iconic career as a musician while celebrating his 75th birthday. With a career that stretches for over five decades, he has undoubtedly managed to win the hearts of many. John Williamson is responsible for creating a lot of country’s unofficial anthems. Put it this way, it impossible to imagine Australia’s pop culture without him! The musician has announced that 2020 will be his last year on tour. This is a hint that this might be one of the last big performances Williamson decides to share with the world. If you are a die-hard fan of Australian music, then you should definitely not miss the opportunity to see the Aussie legend. When? See Williamson in perform live at the Palms at Crown on either 28th-29th February.

Tom Burlinson & Swinging

Scheduled a bit later in the season, the iconic Tom Burlinson and his 20-piece orchestra are set to deliver an overall stunning performance at the Palms at Crown. The show itself is entitled “Swinging”. What can we expect? The performance will focus on some of the greatest musical pieces of the 20th century. Tom Burlington is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in Australia. He is never shy of grandeur or vision and his shows always deliver quality entertainment. Book your tickets now and do not miss out!

Songs in the key of Motown

If you do not know of this trio already, they have recently managed to pull an extremely successful show in Las Vegas. The performance honors the greatest Motown songs and their legendary performers. Their soul singer does a tremendous job at delivering authentic Motown-era solos, coupled with killer dance moves and infectious energy. They have already “bagged” eight international awards for their soul performances. So it is definitely worth your time! They will be performing on 1st March, at the Palms at Crown.

Harts plays Hendrix

You probably have heard about this talented, multi-instrumentalist singer and producer, who celebrates the life and music of Jimi Hendrix. No? One thing is certain, Harts does not lack style in interpreting Hendrix’s classics. While honoring his unique approach, he brings in some of his own energy and vibrancy into the mix. The list is meticulously curated and thought out. No doubt, it will be a great pleasure for any Hendrix fan or music aficionado. The show will take place on 7th March and the tickets are likely to sell out fast. You better hurry up!

Photo: unsplash-logoAditya Chinchure

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