My Choice #5

A rocket capsule falls from a cobalt blue sky to the center of the image. Hanging from its tip is a giant coat hanger with a tiny woman seated upon its base.

My Choice #5 – A Woman’s Right to Choose

Terry Braunstein and Victor Raphael – A Collaboration

This collaboration grew out of a professional relationship and mutual appreciation of one another’s work. They were motivated to create these artworks in response to the current political environment over the last few years.

Four series of limited edition ink jet prints will be featured here over the next several months: Climate Change, focusing on the world wide crisis caused by rising global temperatures; The Wall, which reflects on how walls are both barriers to human connection and inhibit those escaping persecution; My Choice, dealing with a woman’s right to choose; and Lessons to be Learned, looking at the challenges and wonder of childhood.

“My Choice #5” is the fifth in a series of ten images. We will be posting one artwork from this series each week. Today the rights of women to choose to end an unwanted pregnancy are under attack. The coat hanger, a simple household item, has come to symbolize illegal abortions that were common before Roe v. Wade.

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