Myths in the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry covers different genres, such as news, movies, gaming, books, and so forth. Just like every other sphere of life, there are myths that concern people regarding this industry that some people might believe. As a result, this affects their attitude towards this industry and others.

Although many people believe in myths, one of the meanings of the word in the Oxford English Dictionary is that a myth is “something that many people believe but that does not exist or is false”. Nevertheless, this topic has revolved around the entertainment industry ever since, and is worth exploring, so let’s give it a shot in the following paragraphs and debunk them! 

Myths in the Movie Industry

Since movies more or less portray our everyday life, there are plenty of myths when it comes to the movie industry. Here are a few of them: 

Can we easily get unconscious from chloroform?

To start off with the most obvious, we have all seen the bad guy in the movie that goes up to any of the victims and with a cloth that has chloroform. Once the villain grabs the victim by force, the victim immediately falls down unconsciously. This is a myth because scientifically it takes much much longer in order to put someone in an unconscious state.

When should I report that someone is missing?

This next myth is actually harmful for anyone who might feel like someone they know might have gone missing. Usually, in the movies we either see the scene or somebody indicating that we cannot report a missing person unless it’s been 24 hours. This is a damaging thinking as the other person might be in danger, thus one needs to contact the authorities immediately. 

Myths in the Gaming Industry

Next, the gaming industry is also full of myths that people somehow cannot escape. There are for instance untrue casino myths that circulate all around, so let’s have a look at those:

Is casino simply luck?

One of the greatest misconceptions about casinos is that you can win only if luck is on your side. This is obviously not true, as it has been proven that people who win are actually those that have a deep understanding of the game and use a strategy when playing.

Is online casino illegal?

A myth that has appeared in the recent years with the rise of the online casinos claims that playing in an online casino is illegal. As there might be some illegal casino sites, most of them have a license and regulation which you can check and make sure for yourself before playing. 

Myths in the Book Industry

Similar to the two other industries above, the book industry also has plenty of myths that come with it. Here are the two most prominent ones:

Do you need to present the full book to publish it?

This is what new writers believe mostly, before publishing their books. Their idea is that they need to have something to prove themselves worthy of this skill. However, according to Forbes, most publishers are content to initially discuss the idea you have for the book.

Do you need to do marketing after publication?

Even though your book might have made it to the greatest publisher in the city, you still need to promote it on your own to people. By doing this, you can reach out to the people who might love your book but didn’t have the chance to go explore the shelves at the library.

Myths in the Music Industry

Music also belongs to the entertainment industry and due to its popularity, it might be on the top of the industries when it comes to myths. There are so many untrue opinions about music, including the following ones:

Does music make other tasks more enjoyable?

Although music is primarily created to relax the mind and make people feel good, some people believe that music can be a distraction to people. In reality, music has proven to improve the performance when doing many tasks, such as studying, doing meditation, gardening, and so forth.

Do you have to be naturally talented in music to become popular?

Yes, it is true that some people are just born with an inmate ability to produce low or high notes, when necessary. However, all of this can actually be learned and trained, so it is not just about the talent one is born with. Some of the greatest musicians have said that for them in the end, it was down to how much they trained and practiced their voice.

When you think about it, these myths are either dangerous or are simply designed to hinder people from achieving their dreams or objectives in life. So, before believing in some general truths that are usually spread all around, go and read about them. In most cases, they are simply myths, and be aware that myths do not equal truth.


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