Nation Watch: February 23, 2017

As social actions around the world demonstrate, the people listen, the streets listen. A vast, strong community seeks a world of greater compassion and justice. Politicians listen too, when there are enough people in real and virtual streets.

Cultural Weekly’s Nation Watch highlights topics you may wish to take action on. We also wish to alert you to DCReport, a new website dedicated to investigative journalism of what the President and Congress do, not what they say, founded by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Cay Johnston.

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Human Rights
“Trump administration rescinds Obama rule on transgender students’ bathroom use.” Source: The Hill 

“10 members resign from Trump panel on Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders.” Source: The Hill 

Trump Administration is expected to take executive action to roll back the EPA’s Clean Water Rule. Source: Washington Post

Senate confirms Scott Pruitt as head of Environmental Protection Agency. Source: The New York Times 

Health Care
A federal judge blocked a Texas plan to cut medicaid to Planned Parenthood and other clinics providing family planning services. Source: Dallas News

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly signed memos increasing the number of immigrants who are considered priorities for deportation. Source: The Hill 

Media / Press
The Trump administration releases a “Mainstream Media Accountability Survey” as part of his plan to limit press activity. Source: The White House 

Republicans back bill requiring congressional approval to remove or lessen U.S. sanctions on Russia. Source: The Hill 

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Prepared by Jessica Ceballos Campbell with Adam Leipzig.

Top image by Hassified, under Creative Commons license.

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