New Gandhi Documentary Announced at United Nations

Jean-Luc Berlot, president of adline Productions, has announced that multinational electric utility company Engie will sponsor the upcoming feature documentary Ahimsa: Gandhi, The Power of His Message, written and directed by Emmy-nominated director Ramesh Sharma.

The announcement was made during a ceremony at the United Nations Headquarters on Monday October 2, 2017, in conjunction with the observance of the International Day of Non-Violence. The event, hosted by the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations, highlighted the significance of non-violence in today’s world.

“We are proud to be producing this documentary and especially thrilled that Engie has stepped forward to be our partner,” stated Jean-Luc Berlot. “The film sends a message which we believe is especially important right now.”

“Gandhi’s work did not end at the end of his life,” stated writer/director Mr. Sharma. “Gandhi’s practice of non-violence inspired non-violence movements all around the world, and continues to do so today.”

Joining Mr. Berlot as producer are Adam Leipzig, CEO of Entertainment Media Partners, and producer Michela Scolari.

Following the ceremony at the United Nations Headquarters, there was a private luncheon organized by New Generation In Action/AFI World Peace Initiative; an NGO focused on utilizing film, media, and the arts to teach, empower, and enlighten the population on matters of world peace, social justice, environmental issues, and wildlife awareness. The group utilizes the production of media, content, and innovative events. “Certainly, we must look forward and appreciate those of the past who gave their life unconditionally for the greater good, such as Gandhi. A film of this kind is needed and can touch the hearts of today’s leaders in addition too future generations. It is an honor to welcome this stellar production team as well as honor one of our world’s most innovative business women, Engie’s CEO Isabelle Kocher,” stated multi media talent and Founder Princess Angelique Monét.

New Generation In Action/AFI World Peace Initiative, along with the United Nations Women’s Guild, present Mme Kocher with the New Generation ‘Global Icon Award for World Peace’ for her role in Economic Sustainability & World Peace, in addition to her contribution to global service, including India and Gandhi’s work. This is the first time an award of this kind has been given. Accepting the award on Mme Kocher’s behalf was Mathias Lelievre, who is now serving at Ecova, a U.S. subsidiary of Engie.

Utilizing film as a platform to inspire positive social change is also the mission of Adam Leipzig, whose most recent documentary A Plastic Ocean was presented at the United Nations in May, 2017. “It is a particular honor to produce this film, in collaboration with our prestigious partners. Gandhi has always been an inspiration for me, and this documentary will continue sharing his message around the world.”

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