New Life Comes with a Hot Knife

It’s been over a year since the release of Fiona Apple’s acclaimed album, The Idler Wheel, and several months since the singer/songwriter has really been heard from in any form of communication. However, the silence abruptly came to an end in the past week as Ms. Apple not only released a new video for her song Hot Knife, but also announced a fall tour with Blake Mills.

Hot Knife isn’t a new offering, as it was featured on The Idler Wheel, but the video gives new life to the song and also features Apple’s talented sister Maude Maggart. The video is simple but beautiful, and was directed by renowned filmmaker (and Fiona’s ex-boyfriend) Paul Thomas Anderson – best known for such work as Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood and The Master. Apple co-produced and it’s actually the fourth music video that they have collaborated on.
In a recent statement, Apple and Mills said “We know it’ll be something special, and we aren’t being coy here — it’s just that we have about 26% of an idea of what the fuck we will be playing for you.”
The 13-show tour, billed as Anything We Want: An Evening With Fiona Apple and Blake Mills, kicks off at the Newmark Theatre in Portland, Oregon, on October 3 – but for now enjoy this nice slice of music goodness.

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