Online Slots Industry Overview in 2022

Slot producers are making more and more

The first slots could not boast fascinating game-play and a set of interesting features. They were 3-reel games, which used different fruits as symbols. To win, you had to collect three of the same symbols on the middle row. Old School will remember how simple the mechanics possessed these games. It all came to that by the beginning of the 21st-century slots began to lose popularity. Players now became more demanding about the quality of slots, because the available product on the market is thoroughly boring.

The entry to the Internet, as well as the desire of providers to return to the rapidly receding glory of slots completely changed the course of events in the industry. The number of reels on one field began to change, the lines also increased, and one payout mechanic came to replace the other, using more modern technology and in the field of design. Simply put, the game became unique in every way. The power of fruit titles with classic mechanics is irrevocably gone.

Over several decades, video slots have undergone significant changes. From a technical point of view, modern models have become more complex. Now it is not enough to use the theme of Ancient Egypt or, say, the Wild West (the most popular plots for today), it is necessary to include in the produced model some features. It should involve the user in the game, make him remember the slot again and again and bring the player back. Most often, such a feature is some kind of function. Nowadays, there are so many of them that by combining them, games with really attractive qualities come to the market. Some titles are as close to computer games as possible.

In fact, it\’s great that the providers have finally started to think about the interests of players, to create an aura that would attract them to video slots. Thanks to this, according to this slots review website, the industry has moved far ahead in the last decade. Developers are now forced to analyze the needs of those who are directly involved in the games.

Mega-ways slots are still very popular

Until the mid-2010s, the leading features in slots remained Avalanche and Ways to Win. The year 2016 and Big Time Gaming brought users a new unique function Mega-ways. Thanks to the action of a special mathematical algorithm in slots with this feature opened up to 117,649 ways to win. Each new spin generates a different number of ways to win. It is the effect of surprise in such slots that attracts more and more users to online casinos. The rights for its use were later purchased by several providers. Such a number of ways to win was not enough. Now more and more often titles that generate up to 1,000,000 ways to win in one spin are released.

Even the appearance of even more unique features could not affect the popularity of Mega-ways slots. Along with it often comes several other modern features like Expanding Reels, Free Spins, Bonus Game, Avalanche, Free Spins Multiplier, etc. A large number of features is offset by the high volatility of slot machines. This means that the reality of waiting for payouts can be a long process, but the large size. In addition, slot machines Mega-ways attract excellent winning potential. For example, Max Mega-ways lives up to its name with the biggest prize of all existing models with this feature. This 6-reel slot machine has a chance to increase your balance by 139,000 times the size of the winning bet.

5 reels x 3 rows slots are still the most popular

Some may think that 5 reels and 3 rows slots are no longer able to attract their functionality and game-play. This is a common opinion that has nothing to do with reality. Three rows are considered the standard because it is enough to offer players a new experience combined with quality. That is why such titles continue to be popular, and judging by the trend, are not going to lose their positions. This is the layout of symbols most often used when the provider wants to include Progressive Jackpot in the product algorithm. Games with a large number of reels and complex mechanics so far can not boast. In addition, the playing field under consideration often includes payouts on the lines (from 5 to 100). This is the most simple and straightforward mechanism for creating winning combinations. If you ask an experienced player for advice on what to start acquaintance with slots, he will say: \”Buddy, choose games with pay-lines, if you want to understand how it works.

An important parameter for any video slot is volatility. In contrast to the rarely paid mechanics Mega-ways, the classic 5 reel slot machine often has Low or Medium volatility. It gives payouts more often, but of a relatively smaller size. Such machines fit perfectly into the interests of those who like to win, and the amount is not important. Thanks to the good average yield of these games (up to 97%), they are still in demand. Also, you can not go past the quality of graphics, which often use all modern standards, such as 3D, vivid animation, mesmerizing music and so on. And even if your choice falls on a fruity video slot with this classic layout, rest assured that you are sure to have a more than entertaining time.

Most new slots have x5000 maximum win or more

Most of the old video slots offered maximum winnings that were 100 to 500 times the bet. Nowadays, such a model\’s potential would not give it a single chance to get a high share of popularity. Along with the increase in the number of prize options in the games, their winning potential has also increased. Video slots that have a multiplier of x5,000 or even more are now not uncommon. By this parameter, the leading name is Rags to Witches from Bet-soft. This novelty with 5 reels and 3 rows, c Medium volatility and Progressive Jackpot feature can give a payout of x2,012,264 bets.

It is not enough just to choose an item with a large multiplier. You must also understand that it comes with a high level of risk. You can lose all your money before you earn an impressive amount. Because of this, lovers of solid amounts in slots are forced to look for strategies, and ways to win and generally rely on luck more than others. If you play responsibly, you will get an incredibly valuable gaming experience anyway.

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