Onyedikachi Chinedu: Two Poems

Slithering Monster


the ambitious apprentice’s a curse for my lover,
whose ghostly body is engulfed in breast milk
but don’t remember me of this day.
it’s nothing like hell on earth or similar to
anyone falling in love with someone
as terrific like a sculptured
boulder. once, in every lifetime, I fall into a bottomless
pit of slithering monsters in pajamas; not often,
an ambitious apprentice, in a waiting line
for a cup of the ugliest coffee, is a bad choice
for my lover.




I, on a couch, hope he finds me birdy,

but his songs are for his—

blended with grass and thorn.

                                                        I cannot kiss the devil’s cup, lover of wolf’s moon.

                                                        what more do I bring to you?

I hurt like a run-over squirrel

                                                        damaged by your own crooked hands.

Didn’t you think of me all day?

I slew the day’s varmint

                                                        to be with me.

Did I not do the same for me?

                                                        slaying the beast for us?

O, you find me beetroot tonight!

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