Opeyemi Akinleye Emmanuel: “GOD COMPLEX”



Boxes labelled with algorithms
The most complex of organisms
Broken into bits
The one after the decimal,
The rights,
With IQ of 2X lower the lefts’ level, working class
The lefts,
Six sigma, working on left overs
Candles get burnt, touches grow dim, glasses two lenses thick
The ones who couldn’t be fitted into these boxes,
The dot, took the phrase “think out of the box” to the blood

0, the human world has evolved, far more than technology
1, a single world unit has begun
10, the need to find a way we could conflux
11, Personalities broken into numbers
100, you can be zero or one, 0 1
101, on or off
110, how better to make people work together than to find a common point

Some doctors treat the body
Some treat the mind
The binary opposition
The state of mind can affect the way we live our lives
Ferdinand des Sausares had an idea
Raymond de Sausares’ reality
Bartholins definition of l’anthropologie

0, I can never be sanguine
1, for just a change in weather can switch my personality
10, they pulled up our ancestors, biblical, Quranic, Hindi and past spirituals
11, trying to fit them into a log,
100, Was Moses really melancholic
110, I keep wondering, why bother the holies
111, Why torture the past when we could build a great future
1000, the present is a gift why forget to live

Right then was I told, ‘no one dies with their gifts’
Building up behaviour logs to find where it is
Using path dependent models to calculate outcome of things
Going back in time to shop lift ideas
Standing ovation for the thief

Was there ever a point in time? (0)
Where the, (1)
Hitler’s, Xerxes, Nebuchadnezzar’s, Leopold shared personality traits (10)
Mood swings for Saul (11)
Dawud repatriate with strings (100)
Gol of Gath with the messiah complex (110)
Obama Smiles in Putin (111)
Generations of war, (1000)
The puppet master purrs, Carlo Santana on the strings (1001)
Which way left or right
Like a binomial test
If you overcome bipolarity you get blessed,
With god-complex
They put aside the null hypothesis
Adopts the multinomial test
Still searching for the rest
We are here


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