Opeyemi Akinleye Emmanuel: “Menarche”


Under the mangrove of leaves.
As long as she bleeds.

Beauty they seek, but
The best of beauty lies within
Circled with the full moon
In the shape of crucifixion
The dampen valley streams.

I have been lied to before
“No man is an island”
What most men don’t understand they stone;
You should never have to explain yourself
Oya, she flows.

No man is an island
On you,
The Ocean they float.
Ships dance to your tidal wave

I imagine they anathematize you when you bleed
Cramps and mood swing
What does it mean to bleed?
The young virgin scour!
Bleed, you carry the ability to give life.

The first flow,
The blood moon
The birds fly in circles
The old owl, the wise ones
Come with gifts for eve
The red song.

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