Orange Atlas – An Insight into Moroccan Culture

Morocco – the rich multi-cultural landscape that is famous for its exceptional beauty, customs and traditions, should definitely be on your bucket list. Enticed by its ceramics, jewelry, traditional art and delectable cuisine, many people have settled in Morocco from all over the world, befitting themselves into the culturally intense Moroccan society.

What other excuse to not visit Morocco?

Moroccans take pride in exhibiting their culture worldwide and are humbled by the love and appreciation they receive. Making it easier for the people around the world to visit Morocco, Orange Atlas is a destination of Moroccan inspiration for people who would like to visit the beautiful country. A platform dedicated to travel and design lovers, it is a perfect resource for people who appreciate Moroccan architecture and design as well as for anyone who wishes to learn more about the Moroccan culture. If you are looking for delicious traditional Moroccan recipes, you have come to the right place. Orange Atlas is also for those curious travelers who want to connect with lively people, live fiercely and explore places on a more authentic level.

The founder of Orange Atlas, Adil Guennoun was born in a small town in Morocco called El Jadida, and is currently living in France. Guennoun’s idea for this project aims to popularize the truly cosmopolitan Moroccan culture.

Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan food blends with various influences from Berber, Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisines. Many tourists visit the country just to try some of the famous dishes of Moroccan cuisine. Some hints of European and sub-Saharan influences can also be found in Moroccan dishes, perhaps due to the diverse range of civilians that reside there. While beef, lamb, goat, mutton, chicken, and seafood are widely used in Moroccan cuisine, a wide variety of delicious Mediterranean fruits and vegetables are also produced by the country. Moroccan dishes carry sour, savory and sweet flavors, and are seasoned with smen, lemon, argan and olive oil, herbs, dried fruits and various other spices.

Moroccan Culture and Designs

Moroccan decor designs are usually colorful with features that are typically fluid lines showcasing comfort as a priority. The elements of the design are intricate, textural and colorful. Moroccan architecture is inclined towards traditional Islamic keyhole designs, such as domes, courtyards, water fountains and gardens. Using ceramic mosaic tiles that are often bold and bright make the doorways, walls and windows, tabletops, picture frames, accent pieces, mirrors, etc. stand out.

Moroccan Climate

While many believe that Morocco is famous for its hot climate, the Atlas Mountains defy that with captivating and not-to-be-missed snowfall each year.


Orange Atlas offers stories that bring you along on the journey of a profound Moroccan experience. Not only does it tell mesmerizing stories about Moroccan culture, but also gives you practical advice to help you plan your own adventures. Personalized recipes from around the world are sure to make your travel experiences away from home even more unforgettable. Helping you relive your travel adventures long after you return home, Orange Atlas is the perfect way to ensure that your experiences are exquisitely long-lasting.

Photo by Heidi Kaden on Unsplash

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