Ordering Food is Now Easier than Ever: Thanks to On-Demand Delivery Apps!

Having food delivered anywhere right where you are is now easier than ever. With numerous incredible online food ordering and delivery apps available in the market, all you need I to do is to download one of them, make a selection, place an order, and pay through your smartphone or on delivery. The new system serves both consumers and sellers too. Consumers get to enjoy the convenience and the variety of choices. The latter get to reap higher sales, cut costs, increase online presence, and enhance customer satisfaction.

It’s no surprise that food ordering and delivery apps have dramatically disrupted the food industry. An increasing number of food vendors are opting for mobile apps designed to allow customers to conveniently order and pay for food items from anywhere at any time. Here are some of the top services in the industry.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an online food ordering and delivery app operating in over 1000 major cities in different countries across the world. It enables clients to order their preferred foods from local restaurants and delivers the food to the client’s location in the shortest time possible. The service is a subsidiary of Uber, the popular ride hailing app. In fact, the two apps have a lot in common with features like expected delivery times and cashless transactions. If you’ve ever trusted Uber to move you safety from point A to B, perhaps you’ll also trust UberEats to deliver you good food too.


Mercato is a platform of e-commerce, marketing, and service tools that serves to connect independent grocery stores and food artisans with consumers across different cities. It literally takes you back to the days before the supermarket – when you had to go to the local shops to get your food: the fruit stand, the baker, the butcher or the small grocery store. Back in the days, food artisans offered good, clean food and grocery stores were the cornerstone of communities. Mercato literally brings back those days through a modern grocery delivery platform that closely connects independent groceries with consumers. The service equips independent groceries with a user-friendly platform that paves the way to online ordering and delivery right to the customers’ doorsteps. The service literally connects you with the kind of food you love.


Zomato is an online restaurant search app that expanded to food ordering and delivery in the world’s top cities. The service is operational in 25 countries across different continents. The app not only offers a list of the best restaurants to users, but it also serves as a social networking site for foodies. The app has been updated with new features that are designed to make the customer experience more pleasant.

There are certainly numerous reasons why food ordering and delivery apps have become and will continue to become more popular. For starters, these applications benefit both the consumer and the companies in many ways. Customers get to enjoy greater variety and convenience with respect to ordering food and groceries and getting them delivered. On the flip side, food companies, vendors and grocers can increase their customer base and serve their customers better with these systems. With the increasing shift towards e-commerce, there’s no doubt that food ordering and delivery apps will continue to disrupt and dominate the industry.

Illustration via Pixabay.

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