Over the Rainbow with Casey Brooks’ Exhibit A

As a child, my dreams about flying always began with running. I would run and run and run, and shortly thereafter I would find myself air bound and buoyant, effortlessly navigating the ample space above ground, above the world, beyond gravity. As long as I kept my legs moving in rotation I was afloat and amongst the clouds. The feeling was so thrilling that I looked forward to, even longed for a repeat of those dreams. And in my best moments as a dancer, I have also felt a similar sense of flight and freedom from the trappings of earth’s gravity.

Running from reality in "Exhibit A"
Running from reality in “Exhibit A”

Perhaps that’s why Casey Brooks’ beautiful new dance film Exhibit A grabbed me from the get go. The simplicity of the film and dance by Hillary Pearson, the hand held, wide angle, single take camera work, and the completely unpretentious voice over, sound design, and music work together magnificently. Exhibit A seems very simply to capture that sense of the urgency of human kinds’ desire to fly – both literally and metaphorically – in the face of the inescapable bounds of authority, gravity, and time.

Followed by Exhibits B & C, Exhibit A is part of a trilogy of short films that once again display a sense of Casey’s elegance, imagination, and urgency as a filmmaker. She is continually navigating the areas between commercial and pure unbound creativity at the intersections of dance and the camera.  With additional dance by Mackenzie Connor and Nicolette Alberti, fashion by Bela Shehu, and credited simply as How To Dress Well, Exhibit A is no exception.  We are beyond thrilled to welcome Casey as one of the judges of this year’s Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival.

In this day and age, it feels like a daily tug of war with the surreality of reality… We long for the escape of flight, but gravity is continuously pulling us back down to earth where we land with a dull thud. So for now, take a moment and treat yourself to Casey Brooks’ beautiful film, Exhibit A

After all, if happy little bluebirds fly, beyond the rainbow, why then oh why can’t I?

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