The Yellow House Poets

Owugah Christian Doubra: “I Know A Man”

I Know A Man
by Owugah Christian Doubra


I knew a man who will knock on our door
every night drunk
I know a man who swore in his last breath that he will take care of us,

You know a father, we only knew a man
He left us when I was 10, my sister 7 my brother 4
and my mother 29

I know a man whose name has died in our mouths and we forget to remember we have a dad

I know of a man who swore on heaven and earth that he will be there

Ebitare, Tari, for everything beautiful he named us after wanting

Oh lord men are always remembered in memories
I lost my brother last month and he also is now a memory

I pray that everything in the mighty name of Jesus
May everything we lost
Fly back to us
May the feathers of angel bring fresh air back to our lives


Owugah Christian Doubra
Owugah Christian Doubra

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