“Who says peace is not possible?” Levi Asher, whose excellent blog LitKicks will be familar to Cultural Weekly readers, asks all of us. He also asks us to take a look at Pacifism21, a nascent non-profit organization that seeks to promote pacifism for the 21st century.

We saw how suddenly gay marriage happened all over the world, and how fast legal marijuana is happening. These examples show how quickly attitudes can change. Can a new understanding of the possibility of world peace be next?

We think it can. Pacifism is already bubbling all over the world, and a worldwide awakening of peaceful ideals is in the air. will provide a voice, a forum and a daily chronicle for peace-builders, activists and concerned citizens as this important movement continues to grow.

Is the world really ready to move towards peace?  If you are one of those irrepressible optimists who believes the human race can have a better future, please show your support by donating to Pacifism21 today.

Pacifism21 has launched a crowdfunding effort to begin their work. Please take a look at their video…

[embedvideo id=”zgAI8A74nt8″ website=”youtube”]

…then head over to Pacifism21’s Indigogo page and be as generous as you can.

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