Persian Pleasures: Pink Orchid

When my friend Hengameh and I meet for breakfast or lunch, we usually end up at one of our favorite hangouts in Westwood, California, a casual bakery and cafe called Pink Orchid.

Pink Orchid is a small but lively place where you can have delicious, inexpensive meals (under $12) in a relaxed atmosphere. Pink Orchid serves sandwiches, salads, egg dishes, fresh fruit juices and delicious desserts.

1-1 (2)
Mouth watering pastries
Delicious cakes

My friend Hengameh ordered a fresh carrot juice and the Chachapouri (Armenian Cheese and egg pizza) and I had the herbed fritata sandwich (Kuku Sabzi). Everything we tasted was fresh and delicious.

IMG_4261 (3)
Fresh Carrot juice
IMG_4264 (2)
IMG_4265 (2)
Kuku sandwich

For in house dining, you order your food and take your number to your table. The helpful wait staff deliver your food to you when your order is ready.

Pink Orchid is open everyday from 7:00 a.m. until 10 p.m. (Sunday through Wednesday) and until 11 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can see the menu a

Hengameh and I couldn’t leave without taking something special home. I bought the tasty baked donuts (Pirashkis).

Baked Chocolate and Custard Pirashkis
Pink Orchid has a vast supply dried fruits and nuts.

Parking is available and Pink Orchid validates. I highly recommend experiencing Pink Orchid. I know I will be back very soon.

Pink Orchid is located at 1927 Westwood Blvd.  (310) 441/4410

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