Peter Dekom Rants:Technology–So What?!?

Peter Dekom, iconoclast, attorney, creativity advocate and cultural gadfly adds his rant to our special Technology edition.

Peter is also the author of Next: Reinventing Media, Marketing and Entertainment, of which he says:

This book represents my journey to find answers and new directions to what I viewed as a massive, almost unfathomable aggregation of change as to how we communicate with and to each other, how we use media to sell, communicate, convince and entertain. Technological change. Socioeconomic change. The 20,000 ton gorilla in the room was and still is, to couch it crass commercial terms, marketing… how to create and transmit messages and entertainment that engage the target audience.

Executives at advertising agencies, heads of major studios, entrepreneurs seeking a market, politicians seeking votes, students learning their craft, and experts looking for new ways to embrace as many followers as possible are often scared to tell you that they don’t always know how to deal with all the pieces. They’re afraid to ask questions for fear of being exposed. Their questions and mandates are all floating in a sea of rising floods of messages and content, enabled by ubiquitous technologies and legions of empowered constituents who believe that they have a God-given right to feedback and tell the powers that be what they think. Negative, positive and occasionally irrelevant.

Peter touches upon this conversational, both constructive and destructive, nature of presenting your work online and other factors that are included in a world where technology has made both creating work/art and presenting it possible for an exponentially larger group of people in the following video.

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