Pets “With Love” at NOHO Senior Arts Colony

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
– Anatole France (French poet, journalist, and novelist)


As I stepped onboard with this project, I had been approached by several people asking the question, “Why? Why do you want to do something like this with pets?” My response was shallow and I simply said, “Think it might be fun.” It’s true. I really said something like that.

It wasn’t until I really started looking at this project and asking myself the question, “Why?” that I came to understand how really important these images mean, not only to me, but to all that became involved.

What strikes me foremost about doing this photography project and coming through this process to achieve these final results, was that every single image shows the commitment and undying love that people feel for their pets. It strikes me how important their lives are with that love and understanding and how committed people are to the welfare of their animals. The more I worked, the more I came to realize that these relationships are by far a two-way road and what is felt by the owner is returned by their pets. It was a wonderful thing to see.

I tried to bring these images to light and capture the simple pleasure that they have for these animals. I hope I have achieved this because through this process I have seen first-hand how important both lives are to each other and the joy they feel about their family.

This was a great experience for me and I learned more than pets are pets, but what they mean in their own personal way.

I would like to express my gratitude to all that shared this journey with us. I would also like to thank the ENGAGE organization for their support. So, thank you, Sara Debevec, Program Director, and Nancy Goodhart, EngAGE C.A.O., for your dedication to the residents of the NOHO Senior Arts Colony in North Hollywood and your support of this project.

NoHo Residents with Pets photographs by Jim Storm. “With Love” Photography Reception photographs by Dr. Valerie Pronio-Stelluto. Article by Jim Storm and Dr. Valerie Pronio-Stelluto.

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NoHo Senior Arts Colony_Lindsay Taylor and Dottie Goldstein_Photography by Dr. Valerie Pronio
Early Guests to the “With Love” Photography Show – Lindsay Taylor, Dottie Goldstein, and Dottie’s pet chihuahua, Foxi. Photography by Dr. Valerie Pronio-Stelluto.


Noho Senior Arts Colony_Cyrena Feinberg and Joan Miller_Photo by Dr. Valerie Pronio
NoHo residents love for their pets is heartwarming. Shown here are Cyrena Feinberg and Joan Miller, with her pet Coco. Photography by Dr. Valerie Pronio-Stelluto.


NoHo Arts Colony_Pam Burnham_Photo by Dr. Valerie
Pam Burnham and NoHo Guest. Photography by Dr. Valerie Pronio-Stelluto.


NoHo Senior Arts Colony_Jim and Sue Taylor_Sally and Michael Storm_Photo by Dr. Valerie Pronio
Guests in the middle, Sally and Michael Storm (actor, “One Life to Live”), join NoHo Residents Jim and Sue Taylor. Photography by Dr. Valerie Pronio-Stelluto.

The following photographs were on display during the opening reception of the “With Love” Photography Show at the NoHo Senior Arts Colony in North Hollywood, California on February 6th, 2018.

Dottie Goldstein and Dog Foxi. Photography by Jim Storm. Cultural Weekly.
Dottie Goldstein and her pet Foxi all dressed up for her formal photo shoot. The pet strollers are a big hit with the NoHo Senior Artist Colony Residents. Photography by Jim Storm.


Susan and Jim Taylor. Dog Sophie. Photography by Jim Storm. Cultural Weekly.
Susan and Jim Taylor with their dog Sophie (Corgi Mix). A former Columbia Medical School major gift specialist for Medical Research, Susan is currently a high end knit wear designer. Jim is a sales and marketing specialist. Photography by Jim Storm.


Cyrena Feinberg. Dogs Joey and Daisy. Photography by Jim Storm. Cultural Weekly
Cyrena Feinberg and her pet dogs, Joey (Maltese mix) and Daisy (Cocker Spaniel). Cyrena has served as an education volunteer and has been an avid traveler, having traveled to the Far East, Africa, Israel, and all over Europe. Photography by Jim Storm.


Pam Burnham_Dog Shasta_Photo by Jim Storm_Cultural
Pam Burnham and her pet dog, Shasta (Lhasa Apso, Poodle, English Setter, Norwegian Elk Hound, and Papillon mix). Pam is a retired Los Angeles art instructor and librarian. Photography by Jim Storm.


Lindsay Taylor_Dog Velvet_Photo by Jim Storm_Cultural
Lindsay Taylor and her pet dog, Velvet (Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher mix). Lindsay is a retired creative writing specialist and English instructor. Photography by Jim Storm.


Joan Miller_Dog Coco_Photo by Jim Storm_Cultural
Joan Miller and pet dog, Coco (Shih Tzu). Prior to moving to North Hollywood, Joan served as a legal secretary in both New York and Florida. Photography by Jim Storm.


Jo and Mervin Burtnett_Dog Sara_Photo by Jim Storm_Cultural
Jo and Marvin Burtnett and pet dog, Sara (AKC Registered Pug). Marvin is a Los Angeles Hospital Architect. Jo is a retired accountant and HR contract manager for the movie industry. Photography by Jim Storm.


Linda Faden_Cats Oreo and Cookie Dough_Photo by Jim Storm_Cultural
Linda Faden and her rescued foster cats, Oreo (Tuxedo) and Cookie Dough (Calico). Born in Saint Louis, Linda is a long time California resident and retired customer service specialist. Photography by Jim Storm.
Bios for Photographers Jim Storm and Dr. Valerie Pronio-Stelluto.


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