Phillip Martin: “We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For”

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

We are the committed…We the Light of the darkness can’t forget it! We are the righteous…our message is a transcendental Hip Hop philosophy blessed by the Lords Of The Dance…We are free to rant with Tongues of our own…no MTV no Video Soul…

We are a people whose memories are coming back…In The Memory Of The Remembrance of Things Past…we are the ones who must outlast

We are the ones who could be natives of a celestial empire if we strive to be greater still…mind power will

We are the ones who live the art of life from beginning to end so the Jet Stream pulls us further in…we feel the flow…we are a people On The Road

We are the ones who said Amen at Amen Corner in hieroglyphic script you could spit…it took those not in the know a week to get it

We are the ones who bottle the incandescent freshness of flowers and birds passing them out in chorals of choruses of chords for the world to observe

We are the ones whose blood sanctifies us to cry and sing and bring into life what gives day and night light

We are the ones whose eyes of tomorrow bear our sorrow in hip sacred clothes made to cover the body of a past no longer lost in code…we dug Atlantis before it went under Pompei’s Ashes…we are land….we are sea…regenerating cream for Jheri Curls and Afro Sheen…yanawianmean

We are the ones who bear the divine gifts of man from the microphone stand to the hands ability to do the work of the brain…creators let it rain

We Are The Ones who call life experiments on urban terrain where Indians danced for rain…The Game….Like James Baldwin Nobody Knows Our Name

We Are The Ones whose sidewalk affairs of poetry and art gather The Best Minds Of Our Generation like Noah’s Ark…the biblical term is worship….welcome to the service

We Are The Ones who adjust the level…bass to treble…on Stairways To Heaven with free associations of Gandhi or hot tea…Listen or drink up, Please

We Are The Ones who contaminate nuclear heads with nuclear threats from the after hour spot where the music gets hot

We Are The Ones whose mystic conversations made alternative Hip Hop Rock Pop and though we regret it The Beat Don’t Stop

We Are The Ones whose integrated network systems knew the rhythm of boom bap having history to look back at

We Are The Ones who take in smoke from mirrors and blow out fire like saxophone riffs on inexhaustible lines of primordial blues bliss…her honey lips the diva kissed…we are to ones who call divas Queens and comb their hair with our finger’s touch except CDs cost too much

We Are The Ones whose perfect timing incorporates sun dials and across the radius of miles it shines on the afternoon traffic mix…cause tricks are for kids and if you ain’t with it…check your bullshit

We Are The Ones whose algebraic formulas of Common Sense means we pay for drinks with ink and go to graduate schools spun from the infinite spools of the nebula…it’s incredible…and all the while the angelic choir kept singing we are the one we have been waiting for

We Are The Ones who manifest energy and radiate in oracles of prophesy you see but just won’t say…we as poets must pray

We Are The Ones who write to change the elements of the environment…the memories fade…the sun is low….somebody hit the billboard, yo

We Are The Ones who know a man’s heart attacked where he was at…think about it? where’d he go? Zora Neale or Zorro…the truth or heroes

We Are The Ones whose Amazing Grace is done for humanity’s sake cause haters are gonna hate

We Are The Ones whose right action is the proper medication it takes to give the audience What’s Happening like satisfaction at a B-Boy cipher circle next to city of sin…time to march in

We Are The Ones whose prayers of compassion yield lyrical feats of fitness in timeless moments of the Mystic

We Are The Ones who are overwhelmed by the spirit of the hymn…calmly step aside and let us in

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