Philosophy: “She Dances”

She Dances

For My Niece Alyssa

As thunder erupting
in the cloud cover,
As lighting,
restricted in its ability to be seen,
and yet,
cracking the nights sky
with its brilliance,
illuminating the world with every bolt… spearheaded,
or hurled towards Earth.
She dances…
as foot steps emerge from concrete, cementing her steps in history,
be it Juilliard,
or her footsteps,
in the yard of the White House,
weathering the storms,
as ballet shoes pliè-
toward the jazz of the Earth’s core. Unearthing the plate tectonics
and shifting the landscape
of hip-hop beneath her feet.
Un- discretely she dances…
cuticles closed in her palm
with a tight clasp on her success,
with every rehearsal.
grasping at her finger tips-
to extend arms to reach her goals
She dances….
Spirit forward, tenacious,
and fearless,
in the direction of her truth.
Excellence is a byproduct of hardwork. Losing isn’t a option,
when winning courses-
through your veins.
Dancing is not a hobby.
It is life!
And blood pumps through her heart
for this moment, second,
or light year on stage.
She is infinite as space and time,
and thrives for every inch
of this square space –
to express her self,
in this art of dance,
with her artistry answering,
the calling of her purpose.
So she dances…
As if God peeled back
the cumulus cloud,
and peered down from heaven,
with his copper colored telescope
in search for radiance,
and those using their talents
for the greater good of humanity-
and looking toward a light house.
Shedding light,
As philanthropist sharing their wealth
to heal nations
with the softness of giving….
Thus she gives all she has in sacrifice
of the Craft….
Heard by adolescent ears,
While small hands lace-up ballet shoes,
and begin to practice…
again… and again…
rehearsing routines…
She Dances as a mirror image,
in Refection of God’s gift on Earth,
bestowed for all humans,
to behold her majesty.


(Featured image from Rawpixel)

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