Joe Kennedy: "Lemon Pledge"

Joe Kennedy is a writer and former Valley cab driver. His surrealistic chalk mark graffiti have amazed, shocked, and titillated his acquaintances for some time now.

Lemon Pledge

He kills me, laying there, nuzzling my girlfriend, needy little bugger.
He sat outside my bedroom mewing,
I had shut the door, and he’s mewing, “Let me iiiinnn, Let me iiiinnn”,
“I wanna come iiiinnn, Let me iiiinnn, Let me iiiinnn,” and I go,
“Ok, ok, so come in already”, I open the door,
He jumps on the bed, sees the other male cat,
Can’t find covers to climb under, jumps off the bed,
Goes to my now closed door, “Let me owwwttt, Let me owwwttt, I wanna go owwwttt,”
He’s up on two hind legs against the door now, “I want owwwttt, owwwttt, owwwttt, owwwttt.
I open the door and shut it. Time passes.
“Heeeeyyyy, I wanna come iiiinnn, Let me iiiinnn, I wanna come iiiinnn, Let me iiiinnn, I’m alone
hereee, I want iiiinnn”,
This time I opened the door a little and go back to the desk by the window.
He sticks his nose in, sniffs, does a 180 and trots up the hallway like, “Whatever!”.
I’d hate to think where you’d be if you were out there on your own, Ya sorry little drip.
You’d prob’ly start that routine in front of some matron who’d clean you up, feed you,
take you to the Vet, and let you nuzzle in front of the TV.
Let me iiiinnn.
I wanna come iiiinnn.
I’m alone out here,
Let me iiiinnn.
I want iiiinnn!
Cultural Weekly is proud to premiere this poem by Joe Kennedy. Poetry is a regular feature of Cultural Weekly.

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