A Story

You want me to tell a tale I hear
What do you want it to be, my dear?

A story of kings, queens & men?
Or a story of us in a den?
Let me tell you the latter my child
‘Tis not intriguing, but not mild

Ready are you, here I start
‘Tis a tale from the heart
Begins this does in twenty-twenty
Where nothing amiss, expectations aplenty!
And yet out of nowhere came this scourge
One that turned out very hard to purge!
Of heightened hygiene, of wearing mask
Of staying indoors, not in sun bask

Yet the numbers kept rising my dear
Panicked we were, full of fear
Believe in science, belief in rumor
All robbed us of our sense of humor
Cleaned up we did every mart
After that ’twas “Add to Cart”
Sat and saw the news we did
Hoping today the world was rid
Yet all we saw was more in red
Of thousands infected, hundreds dead
Filled we were with but despair
Wondering when life would repair
Throw up we did multiple a shield
Yet enormous power the virus did wield
Put up we did a reasonable fight
Yet there seemed to be no end in sight!

All was not lost, all was not gloom
In the darkness did belief bloom
Acts of courage, tales of hope
Raised our spirits, helped to cope
Many banded together, bore the grunt
Finding the cure, ’twas their hunt
The road was long, the road was bend
In all this, they had to wend
Finally, finally a solution was found
Hear you could, relief’s sound!

Began this did at a fast rate
The race now to vaccinate
Greeted it was with much cheer
Finally we could see our near and dear
Finally an end to all our grief
All of us breathed sighs of relief
Widespread then a sense of ease
Perhaps we could have immense peace!

Alas! It was not to be
Fighting an enemy we cannot see
Came back it did in incandescent rage
And on us did a war, the virus wage
Child, ’tis still going on and I tire
Slowly it has extinguished hope’s fire
Heavy it has been, the charge of toll
Cost us our all – mind, body and soul
No longer I clearly see tunnel’s end light
Yet fight we will with all our might!

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