A Ticking Time Bomb

I I wait for the bomb to drop.

wait for the Coronavirus to stop.

Life is like a ticking time bomb.


They say I’m free

My facticity of my skin needs a slogan

It puts me in jeopardy.


A ticking time bomb.

Black life is hard in America.

Republican President looks into the camera and lies.


Every second count when the bomb of racial hatred drops.

A ticking time bomb has no answers.

It denies white supremacy.


Tick Tock goes the clock of reparations.

Tick Tock It strikes hard against reality.

Debate questions are ticking time bombs.


Sir, just answer the question.

Will you deny White supremacy?

Tie tongued devil rejoices with a

Proud Boy’s, “Stand By.”


A ticking time bomb of racial injustice is about to drop.

Black life is hard in America for some to see.

Time ticks with tricks like a blind woman named Lady Liberty.





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