All Dreams’ Other Sides



     How could sun set down itself wholly at every west

     I’ve never seen

     my Plumeria sticks rise praying fingers from their ashes

     Sun. You are only one according to your Creator’s dream

     The alluring smoke up to roof

     Before I was looking dreamt by floor

    The roof was a misshaped hawk

    But above hawk’s dream always looking down

    I looked down Darling sleeping under bed. Did it dream if it has more milk

    Like one kitten died out of its dried breast

    I pushed out all sides’ offspring from my womb, saved a remaining kitten

    I should apologize to you spider your dream has lied to you

    Than the roof

    my broom crowns your webs on its head

    The dream dreaming different us

    Just don’t stop your mummers. Bee

    I’m not anymore gardener sowing hairs hours





















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