Amigo in the air

It was a night of summer night, 

The end of August month. 

She was standing in front of me, 

With blonde lose middle length hair. 

She crossed her arms in front of her, 

Enjoying the breeze of fresh air. 

After 5 hours long flight she was ready to taxi in her chair.

The lady with blonde is such a beauty, 

We can tell all without any duty.

She has thin body with good shapes, 

With everything the top model has. 

We are quite surprised to learn that this awesome girl is pilot of the plane. 

Now I want to say that is she do great 

That I would like to grab her with me like a handbag, 

As it will always be with me while I am flying in the air. 

I am still have been thrilled that this lady, 

Is full of power and beauty to sit in front of 162 passengers. 

My Amigo in the air

you made me wander everywhere. 

Wandered was I, 

How I could fly 

Not knowing who is there 

Sitting and managing the air. 

Admired with your long straight hair, 

I am always will be there

To wander everywhere, 

That you dive in the air. 





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