Grant yourself immunity, from all that you think you must shoulder,
Every road of jagged glass, you alone do not have to soldier.

Let yourself feel, all the pain you’d rather not,
Let yourself heal, it’s better to live it than pretend you forgot.

You did no harm by loving, you did nothing wrong,
Allow your heart to come back to you, where it will always belong.

I know that your tears, are more than just water,
I know that they carry pain, from your soul’s deepest quarter.

Someday it will come together, scar upon scar,
Till then hang on, the end is not far.

Own your story, every attempt of desperation,
You did not weaken like the others, save yourself the condemnation.

You rattled the stars, with a love that was stronger than most,
I know all that remains, is merely the skeleton of a ghost.

Perhaps someday it will return, with its power once again restored,
Till then, my dear, you must traverse the broken road.

Forgive, forget, and pardon yourself for being fierce,
Someday when love wins, you will be better rehearsed.


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