A black dragon lives inside my body.    

Its fiery breath is burning me alive.    

It lies in wait like a ruthless viper.

Its fangs strike and pierce my heart.


It was born in me as innocently as a butterfly.

Its wings whispered songs of love and praise.    

But scales they grew, feeding on resentment,    

and spiteful words that live on replay.  


In bed, its wicked tail stirs up trouble.      

Sifting through past wrongs in my mind.    

Poisoned tears drip like acid in my belly,

as bile runs rampant through my vein.   


The dragon’s piercing cry is raucous.   

Though no scream can set me free.    

Its vicious claws scrape my insides raw,

but ripped through, there is no release.     


Your gentlest voice can often soothe it,    

but again, you’ve turned me away. 

So, the dragon multiplies in size, 

as our relationship ceases to be.


One day the dragon stumbles,       

its leathery body crumbles down.      

Forgiveness was buried alongside you,

so, my soul stays smothered in ash.

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