“There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow”.

Orison Swett Marden


Tomorrow will be better I’ve heard men say

Tomorrow will be bright my grandparents mused

So we stretch out our hands as the sun breaks forth from beneath dark clouds

Hoping to catch its first rays at the tip of our fingers

To hold its warmth to our hearts, that it be not as cold as that of our comrades

We stand with our dew-soaked clothes looking up at the sun

Wondering when our own dawn will come


We still remember the arrival of dusk

Still remember how it crept in stealthily, invited by the darkness that beats rhythmically in man’s chest 

Armed by man’s wickedness and greed, it caused corruption

Effortlessly dispelling the light of peace, truth and unity

Casting us forever into the darkness and gloom of a never-ending yesterday

Cursed, to forever await tomorrow


With newfound hope we gathered up twigs

presenting them before the sun to work its magic

Our clothes will again be dry

Our children will no more be cold

The dusk has ended we thought with joy

 little did we know, that it took more than sunrise to dispel the night

For the gloom once again returned

As dark clouds formed a shade over the suns light

And the sky teared in torrents


To our refuge beneath the rocks we went

Huddled against each other for warmth

beckoning on mother earth to tame her creatures

In our hearts, we say our prayer turned anthem

A plea to the universe to send us tomorrow 

For although our hopes are dampened

We still look forward to another tomorrow

The bright tomorrow

The tomorrow we’ll be proud to call ours.



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