Beauty and Beast


Breeze . . .

smooth, gentle,

adorable, cheerful,

mild, polite, supple,

neither destructive nor expulsive,

being adorned with all kinds of beauties.

always essential, always longing for,

You are a zephyr.


Tempest. . .

callous, disastrous,

bad, ruthless,

arrogant, upstart, whimsical,

no one wants you, no one welcomes you,

arrival without summoning, at your own disposal,

rummaging, raiding. leaving lots of suffering.

You are a terrible visitant.


You never listen to us. . .

Don’t you ever come, saying that umpteenth time,

but you pay no heed; you come here upon your oddity.

You are uncivil, you have no decorum,

you are a savage.

Stop! Enough!

Don’t you ever display your heartless manners or actions to us.


My dear confidant, Zephyr told me,

Once, you, Tempest, have been gentle, considerate,

smooth, polite, compliant with social norms.

But, you have changed,

Totally changed; bitterly transformed,

You become boisterous, clamorous, and wilder, devoid of your civic manners,

Until global warming cast a spell on you.


Written by

San Lin Tun

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