Beauty of those tiny droplets ‘Rain’

As the clouds mumble and roar,

It comes to Earth as a former healer.

In the form of dust – like particles so small, yet so necessary.

For the entire species living and waiting,

Patiently for you to tip-toe inside their hearts.


You cool the rising warmth and,

Anger and jealousy and a lot more…

And you take away the thirst of people the thirst which will never cure.

But a drop of you can change everything in a blur of moments,

In a snap of fingers, in a snap of seconds.


As children rush to play in the puddles of mud and you,

The smiles on their face gleams like fire in the dark.

Radiating positivity, happiness and innocence…

All the things that rich men can’t buy,

Even if they sell all their luxuries and powers.


Everyone has worries to care about but are mesmerized at your sight,

A cherishing happiness is pasted on their face.

You seem oblivious to it all,

The sparks you lighted-up on all these discouraged faces.


I hear your voice and see you behind those arcadia doors.

Peeping in, in haste, trying to catch a glimpse of my work.

But you know your work, it isn’t to stop not yet;

You’ll stop only once you touch that rich ground,

As you like the touch of the soft mud on your healthy face.


Do you all have a GPS by chance?

It is a question that lingers around my mind when I see you going your way.

As when I think about you travelling all the way down in the soil, slowly, beautifully, rhythmically.

And reaching the water table beneath the surface.

And then again the sea and the eternal fading.

To fly you up in the clouds once more, once again.


So you can cool the Earth once the chaos starts again,

No water and panic and the cycle re-starts,

Can’t they wait for the monsoon showers?

How can one remember such a long path, droplet?

Asks the person who has a long life ahead of her, far from her rampart!!

All I see are drops patting on my roof and peeping through the glass. 

What are you looking for?