“Madeline Brilliant”

Do you remember then?
Silently invite the palms to dance
Suddenly loud cheers broke my sight
Ballet in unison with your presence
The glare of the sun at that time filled me
Stagnation of our gazes meet
Simultaneously your hue radiates
Aware of the pain between those stares
As if you don’t want to end
Suddenly i was pulled
Immediately your gaze droops
The sad look is clear on your face
Gone is that red hue
The sun’s rays have changed
Get to know as much as possible
Spontaneous dreaming
Really, unexpected reveal
Your smile is like a letter pearl
As good as your pomegranate hue behena

Do you remember then?
Getting close doesn’t happen but
The sound of elegy resounds clearer
I’m really woke up in a hurry
Like lighting in the middle of the day
Alone hear the news carried by the wind
Silence swallows me away
At that time i put everything i could
My struggles hopes have been in vain, your hue
As time goes
Know that you are behena

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