Being a Woman

When I was born
My father cursed
In anger he yelled
My mother was happy
And she named me Happy
For she believed that’s what I held.

I grew up to three
My sweet life as wee
When I played in the mud,
My aunt screamed,
‘Girls are not as dirty as you’
Last of me to muddy tappy
Mama said,
Play all the way
If that makes you happy.

When I was thirteen
I liked a boy
Mikey was his name
One day he kissed me
And uncle shouted in the square,
‘Shame is what you are called
For that is what you seek to bring’
Mama said,
Be careful with the boys
But be sure to love and you’ll be happy always.

When I got to 23,
Success I could see
Dr. I was called
For successful a degree I got
Daddy said, ‘I’m lucky to have a child like you’
Aunt said, ‘You are the prettiest and neatest’
And uncle asked, ‘When are getting married? ‘
Confused I was
With their change of notion
As my greatness stood nigh
Mama said, ‘These are the struggles of a woman
Unloved until they bring
Their pockets to your wallet.’
I hugged my mama
And I was happy
Just as she told me I’d be.

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