Black people

Black people 

We all claim these words,
There aren’t enough words to quantify our strengths and perplexity,
Some say we are the best form of humanity.
Yet for great humans,
we sure do suffer a lot.

Gang violence
We have seen it all.
Our heavy hearts can’t cry anymore,
like how drug addicts get immune to overdosed drugs, we are used to these atrocities.
People say they’re 5 stages of grief,
For us black people it’s just 3 stages it seems,
We hate
We blame and then
We “meuve”–
I mean life is just so unfair to the best species so let’s just be.

They say the black man has no dreams,
They say the black man’s life is always surrounded by grief,
Racists would say they all are monkeys in cities.
The question is this truly what it is?
These great descents from Africa lost in an unknown abyss,
Our minds are trapped in so much hate that we don’t even know how to live.

When is it ever going to be ok to be African,
When will I be with other races and proudly say I’m Black?
In my opinion, the problem isn’t the society,
Its true society is against us,
But we can change this culture,
Yes, the system is against us but sometimes we do shoot ourselves in the foot;
Gang shootings,
Corruption in Africa,
For real it’s a very long list.

I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy for us;
Heck, we stand too close to white people and they run from us.
All I’m saying is we should stay woke and not doze,
Because the problem isn’t what the white men stole,
The problem has never been what the black man owns,
I think the problem is the fact that we are still lost in the disgust of our pain and also stories said and untold.

“meuve”– a Nigerian way of saying we move on.

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