I lock myself in, 

Behind my door, 

Slumped low and weighty, 

Against it once more, 

Wailing insanity, 

My throat teeters between, 

Humourless laughter and, 

Hysterical shrieks my, 

Eyes ticking over,  

Into liberating release,

And now to implode, 

With an excruciating blow, 

All colours hurled,

Against the bedroom window,

Clenching my bones,

My skin sheds I let go,

Arms flailing and thrashing, 

Tears run off my nose, 

I pry open my ribs, rip

Tension from torso, 

Revving my lungs, 

Parting my teeth with,

Deep groans, there are,

Lullabies in the bellows,

Right here, in my arms,

I rock to and fro, 

Swaddling myself,

I am all that I own.

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